Mini-Review: The Radio Wave-Like Girlfriend OVA

d0052116_4ca0762135cb4The Radio Wave-Like Girlfriend OVA is a short, two episode series that was based on a manga by the same name. Each episode tells a different story, however, both revolve around Juu Juuzawa (an unruly delinquent) and a girl with a strange obsession over Juu.  With the help of his new friend, Juu will attempt to stop horrible events from transpiring. The first episode details the story of the rise of a serial killer, and the second follows a string of increasingly dangerous pranks.

Related imageMy Review: The Radio Wave-Like Girlfriend OVA took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting a psychological thriller but that what I got, and I loved it. The plot was honestly pretty great, with some predictable twists and some that I hadn’t expected. The characters were also fun and unique, straying away from the usual stereotypes just enough to be new and refreshing. I would have loved to have seen more, so maybe I will pick up the manga but we’ll just have to see, But to summarise, give it a watch.

I rate this anime 8/10.

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