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Silhouette: Balalaika

Balalaika is a tyrannical warmonger and the feared leader of Hotel Moscow, one of the main leader of Roanapur. Before joining the Mafia, Balalaika was a Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska paratrooper and a Soviet captain, serving the Russians during the Afganistan war. Unfortunately, after being “honourably discharged” by the army, Balalaika was left high and dry with a lust for blood and power. But as fate would have it, her ex-troopers looked up to her so much as a captain that they swore to follow her into the mafia lifestyle.

Image result for Balalaika black lagoon

2 Comments on Silhouette: Balalaika

  1. My favorite quote from her was, “It’s hard for me to remember the bosses who rose up using money instead of skill. I better write your name on a dollar bill so I don’t forget who you are.”


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