Deadman Wonderland: Volume 4 Review

71oypyyrq1lDeadman Wonderland volume 4 was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. This volume features the next four chapters (13-16) in the series, Read my review for the third volume here. Ganta is recruited by Scar Chain, a group of Deadmen who are anti-establishment freedom fighters. They explain their plan to incur a mass prison break and deliver a data package to one of the parks inspectors, the data was to detail the deep secrets behind Deadman Wonderland, exposing the promoter and his evil deeds. Nagi convinces Ganta to join in on the escape attempt, however, the group will need to pull together as a traitor among the group would have appeared to have alerted the undertakers to the plan. Ganta will need to think on his feet and learn to let go of those he cares about if he is ever to survive.
My Review: This volume seemed to take the action down a notch. What I mean by that is that it is a lot tamer that what I have seen in previous issues. There is a neat little twist with the identity of the traitor, although I would say that it doesn’t really make quite the impact that Jinsei Kataoka was going for, still, it was pretty cool. Yet again we get more exposition about some of the characters, some of this is somewhat average and some of it is actually pretty interesting. Particularly in the case of Hibana Daida, it seemed like she was going to have an interesting origin but it doesn’t really go into any detail. One thing that this volume does really well is that the whole thing seems to be leading up to a big event. I dont think that I liked this volume as much as the previous one, but I think that it will be critical in the future.
I rate the manga 2/5.

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