Keijo!!!!!!!! Review

d16954e0Keijo!!!!!!!! aired between October to December of 2016. The story focuses centres around a brand new betting sport called Keijo, the goal of the female-only sport is that opponents must fight to push their opponent of a floating platform, called a “Land”, into the surrounding pool of water. The twist of the game is that the opponents can only use their Breasts and Butt to fight. We follow Kaminashi Nozomi, a young seventeen-year-old gymnastics champion with the dream to become a Keijo “Prize-Queen” and bring great fortune and fame to her name and her poor family. She, along with her best friend, Sayaka Miyata, A former judo champion, will attend Setouchi Academy to learn the masterful art of “Keijo” and to gain the skills she will need to become a pro Keijo player and the world’s richest Prize-Queen.

My Review: Keijo!!!!!!!! is really, really strange. For the most part, I had this stupid smile glued on my for the pure reason of just how absolutely ridiculous the show is. All of the characters are so serious about everything, being the fastest or the strongest and the “fights” are incredibly over the top, with characters using the power of their butt to give each other concussions. Surprisingly enough, there is actually a fairly decent plot. Quite a few plot points are easily predictable, however, one thing I noticed in this show which I don’t see all too often is just how natural everything felt, most of the events feel like they happen in the right order and I think has a very positive effect on the show, although it has to be said that not a great deal of stuff actually occurs. I can’t say that this show is a masterful work of art, but it is genuinely fun to watch and I think anyone would be able to have a good time with it.

I rate this anime 3/5.


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