Ninja Scroll: The Series Review

Untitled.jpgNinja Scroll: The Series originally ran during the early half of 2003. The primary focus of this anime is Jubei Kibagami, a nomadic ninja. During his travels he meets a young girl called Shigure, She is a Priestess and the “Light Maiden”, she is beloved by her village and has never set foot outside its walls. One day a  demon army invade and destroy the village and Jubei is entrusted to carry the Dragon Jewel, a mystical stone legend to have to have great power. As the bearer of the stone Jubie becomes a target of the demons. Meanwhile, Shigure joins up with Dakuan, an old monk, and Tsubute, a young conniving thief. Jubei is tasked by Dakuan to guard the Light Maiden and deliver her and the Dragon Stone to their destination, all the while protecting them from the clutched of the Demon clans.

My Review:  First thin first, I know that the show is old and the quality of animation at the time was not what it is now, but I just find this show ugly, pretty much all the characters look off, like their not drawn right. The colour scheme is pretty bland and doesn’t really grab my attention. I though the plot was sub-par at best, it’s easy to follow but still confusing, The whole time I was just trying to figure out what was happening. Some of the characters were pretty cool, they had some interesting designs but none of them was every really explored in any depth. I really didn’t like the ending, particularly when I saw the true form of the leaders, it just made everything seem pointless. One thing I did think the show did well was that it that a pretty good soundtrack, the opening was especially fun.

I rate this anime 1.5/5.


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