The Garden of Words Review

bbdc4f2e9a83e5db33f30b9818179616The Garden of Words blessed our screens during early 2013. The story is about a 15-year-old boy called Takao, whose dream is to become a shoemaker. One rainy morning he meets a strange woman who goes by the name Yukari. At first, he is mystified with her bizarreness and her habit of drinking beer and eating chocolate first thing in the morning. Takao opens up to Yukari, telling her all about his dreams and passions, whereas Yukari is more personal and reveals very little about herself at first. As the story progresses Takao finds himself falling in love with her and he eventually learns about Yukari’s past and what she is trying so desperately to avoid . After discovering the truth about who she really is Takao runs to confront her tormentor and ends up getting hurt for doing so. After this Takao reveals his feeling towards Yukari in a hope that she will return those feelings.

My Review: This movie is simply beautiful, in all meanings of the word. The story is quite touching and will serenity tug on your heart-strings, I thought that the writing was excellent and did a really good job of creating the atmosphere that makes this what it is. Then on top of all that is just looks absolutely spectacular. Even if you hate the story it’s worth watching this just for the artwork. The animators have done such a spectacular job that in some cases it could easily be confused with a photograph. My only quarrel is that it may have been a bit short if it had of been just a bit longer then the writers could have added a bit more backstory and development. Other than that, I loved this movie and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I rate this anime 4/5.


One thought

  1. I like how they can maintain the atmosphere in the park while the relationship between Akitsuki and Yukino are changing.

    The anime is so good that made me watch over and over. And I ended up wrote a review about this movie although I hardly write anime review. Because there are so many emotions in this. ( ‘ v ‘)/


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