Cowboy Bebop Review

25ec25b925b425ec259a25b025eb25b325b425ec259d25b425eb25b9258425eb25b025a52625ed258625a025eb25a0258c25ed258a25b825eb258b25a425ec259a25b4Cowboy Bebop began airing in 1998. The story revolves around a pair of bounty hunters who travel the galaxy looking for any possible way to make some money.  They both have a dark history which they desperately try to escape from, however, the past has a way of catching up with them. Despite their attempt to live an off the radar life, Jet and Spike always find a way to  get mixed up in the business of others. The pair is soon joined by several other characters. Faye is a notorious con artist who can’t help but bring trouble to the team. Edward is an impossible energetic girl with the skill to hack anything and Ein is a genetically engendered dog with human-like intelligence. Together the group must learn to live with each other so that they can overcome the difficulties that come with being bounty hunters.

My Review: Despite its age Cowboy Bebop has certainly aged well. For the most part, the main story seemed to move at a slow pace which does aid the mood of the show, despite this fact, there is plenty of high-paced action that does a really good job of showcasing the animation. On top of all this, the show does a great job of exploring concepts of a futuristic world where humanity is not as sophisticated as we would like it to be. The dark underbelly of a futuristic world that is based on greed and manipulation. I did find the ending to be one of my favourite of all time, for me, it really hits home, it made me need to sit and reflect upon the whole experience of watching the show. And as a side note, if you’ve ever seen this show then Tank, the opening theme song, is instantly recognisable to anyone.

I rate this anime 3/5.


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