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  • Pick of the Week

    Welcome to Pick of the Week. Every Monday we pick an anime to feature along with some fun facts about it. This week’s anime is, Name: Welcome to the N.H.K. Release [...]
  • Gurren Lagann Review

    Gurren Lagann was first aired in 2007. It revolves around Simon a young digger boy from the underground village of Giha. Almost everyone views him as a weakling and the only [...]
  • No Picture

    What I’ve Been Watching: #6

    Sorry this post is late, I got a little sidetracked yesterday. It’s been a slower week for me, only watched a few series. I started off the week with Himouto! [...]
  • Mini-Review: Hellsing: The Dawn

    Hellsing: The Dawn is a three part OVA series that was released between July 27th, 2011 and December 26th, 2012. The story follows the young Walter and (female) Alucard as [...]

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So some of you may have noticed my rather dismal blog offerings over the last few months. Sorry about that! I was considerably pre-occupied to some rather important matters, [...]