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  • Mini-Review: Death Billards

    Death Billards is a short movie based in the world of Death Parade (Review here). The short was actually created as part of the “2012 Young Animator Training [...]
  • Ergo Proxy Review

    Ergo Proxy began airing on February 25th of 2006 continuing on until the 12th of August that same year. The plot follows two main characters as they both fight to unravel [...]
  • Gamers! Review

    Gamers! had its short first run between the 13th of July and 28th of September of 2017. The main plot begins with Keita Amano, a high school student who wants to do nothing [...]
  • Accel World Review

    Accel World was first released in 2012 and follows Haruyuki, a short, obese boy who is bullied by the students of his school. He spends his days connected to the virtual [...]
  • Tokyo Ghoul √A Review

    Tokyo Ghoul √A began airing at the very beginning of 2015 and is the second season of the ever popular series, read the review for the first season here. This season [...]

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Death Note Review

Death Note originally aired in 2006. The plot follows Light, a gifted high school student, who, one day discovers a strange notebook called “Death note”. He [...]