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  • Kill la Kill Review

    Kill la Kill ran from late 2013 to early 2014. The plot follows Ryuuko Matoi, she has been wandering around hunting for her father’s killer. The only lead she has is [...]
  • The Armoury: The Jackal

    The Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol: Jackal (AKA The Jackal) is a powerful handgun crafted just for Alucard in the Hellsing series. The weapon was [...]
  • Ga-Rei: Zero Review

    Ga-Rei: Zero was released during the final few months of 2008. Supernatural monsters that are invisible to the general public are rampant in Japan. The  Supernatural [...]
  • No Picture

    Dungeon crawler animes

    I know the community is divided among the feeling of alternate reality, fantasy, adventure anime, such as KonoSuba and Re:ZERO. I don’t know if its the inner gamer in [...]

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Welcome to Pick of the Week. Every Monday we pick an anime to feature along with some fun facts about it. This week’s anime is, Name: I My Me! Strawberry Eggs Release [...]