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  • Silhouette: Roberta

    Originally named Rosarita Cisneros, Roberta use to be a trained gorilla assassin and was regarded as a international criminal. The blood trail she left in her wake earned her [...]
  • No Picture


    In my recent review for Ghost Stories I mentioned who it was akin to an abridged series. That got me in the mood to watch some of the ones on youtube. I had seen the Dragon [...]
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! Review

    Keijo!!!!!!!! aired between October to December of 2016. The story focuses centres around a brand new betting sport called Keijo, the goal of the female-only sport is that [...]
  • When They Cry Review

    When They Cry was first adapted to anime in 2006. The story is centred the fictional town Hinamizawa and follows Keiichi, A high school transfer student who quickly becomes [...]

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Rosario + Vampire Review

Rosario + Vampire first aired from January to March 2008. The story follows Tsukune Aono, your everyday average high school freshman. Unfortunately, due to his poor grades, [...]